Solved: There is not enough free space. Please delete some messages and try again


Solved for my Android phone!

This post falls under my rules of operation: if I have a problem that wastes a bunch of my time, the answer is not readily available with a simple Google search, and I find a solution, I must post it.

I’ve had my HTC Incredible for about 9 months, and starting 2 weeks ago, my mailbox would not sync, claiming that it was out of space.

Here is a list of things I did:

  • Reset the send & receive settings to 1 day
  • Delete my email accounts and re-add them
  • Delete the data for the mail application in Settings and re-add the accounts (with aforementioned 1-day setting)
  • Factory reset the entire phone
  • Delete most of the email messages using my web mail account

None of them worked

The Solution

I found the solution here.

Here are the steps you follow.

  1. Attache the phone to a PC as with your USB cable and connect it as a Disk drive
  2. Open up windows explorer
  3. On my phone it mounts as 2 drives: F: for the internal memory and G: for the memory card.
  4. Open up the .mail folder on each drive and delete all of the contents
  5. I actually did a force close on the HTC mail application before doing the deletion, and also turned the phone off and back on after doing the deletion

After doing this, I could sync my email again.


It seems that the contents of these folders are all of the images and other items brought down from html emails (you wouldn’t believe how many jpgs of my company logo was there). Somehow having 19,000 files (yes 19,000 and 64mb of space) was causing this issue, event though I deleted the data using the android operating system and even did a factory reset of the whole device.

If you have this same problem, hopefully this posting will save you a lot of pain.