I’ve known that Jesper Andersen has had a blog for awhile, but I just saw that Jim McGlothlinis blogging now. Getting sales executives blogging is pretty impressive. Jim’s a good guy though. I can vouch for him :-)

You can find a complete list of Oracle blogs here. That includes executives and 3rd party blogs related to Oracle.

Although I don’t see any submission form to get our blog listed. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to ping Brian Duff (who started the whole Oracle blogging effort) about that.

Add a comment here to vote if we should be added to the 3rd party list of Oracle related weblogs (or if you think we shouldn’t!).


2 Responses to “Oracle-PeopleSoft Bloggers”

  1. Larry Grey says:

    Justin did it. The Grey Sparling PeopleSoft Expert’s Corner is now the only PeopleSoft-related blog on the site.

  2. RICH says:

    Ping Justin Kestelyn about getting your blog on the list.