Mobilizing PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
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PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is a mission critical tool for keeping students engaged with their class schedule, class enrollment processes, financial aid, and more. The next generation of student users are moving away from desktop in lieu of mobile devices – creating a demand for mobile-optimized processes. Unfortunately, Campus Solutions lacks certain optimizations, specifically a mobile responsive user interface for key processes (ex. class enrollment.)

Lack of Mobility for Campus Solutions Creates these Challenges:

  • Current UI is not mobile-optimized and features dashboards that are not intuitive resulting in process confusion.
  • Lack of intuitive processes causes decreased productivity with more in-person enrollment appointments and support calls to registration office.
  • Current UI does not support the mobile demands of the primary user – millennial students. This lack of alignment can lead to decreased engagement, creating greater complexity for campus administrators to deliver important messages to student users.

How we solve it

PeopleMobile by GreyHeller takes PeopleSoft Campus Solutions mobile by plugging into your existing application, rendering the existing HTML to deploy a mobile-responsive UI that:

  • Enables information consumption and interaction with university procedures in a responsive manner
  • Makes it easy for students to interact with Campus Solutions on various mobile devices to: access course info/enroll to courses, track progress, and interact with advisors.
  • Requires no additional customizations

Help your students get exactly what they need, when they need it, and delivered in the way that works best for them!


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