Direct Deposit Breach Prevention
Stop direct deposit hackers from stealing your employee’s paychecks


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) estimates that nearly 60% of all employees use direct deposit to receive their paycheck – with ACH transfers totaling nearly $41 trillion per year.

Hackers are keenly aware of this and have begun setting their sights on targeting users with corporate-branded spear phishing emails. These tactics are highly successful, as users generally comply quickly with verifying their credentials (thinking they must do so to reset an expiring password.)

It’s not a question of “if” a credential is compromised, but a question of “when.”

Unfortunately, PeopleSoft security features do not:

  • Enable administrators to mask sensitive data (ex. display only last 4 digits of an account number)
  • Require additional authentication steps if sensitive data is accessed with the intent to be changed
  • Effectively provide administrators with the log data necessary to identify and respond to a potential breach


GreyHeller’s Application Security Platform provides PeopleSoft security administrators with the tools they need to significantly reduce their PeopleSoft breach probability (up to 95%.)

Application Security Platform allows for integrating two-factor authentication at the component, page, or field level ensuring that data modifications can only be made by the authorized user.

Because Application Security Platform modules are contextually aware, they understand where someone is going in the system, what they are trying to do, and what authentication have they already done with the idea that changes to certain sensitive data fields (ex. direct deposit) demand an additional authentication step. This ensures that the most sensitive transactions in PeopleSoft remain uncorrupted by malicious attackers.


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