Ease Your Migration to PeopleSoft Fluid UI 
Learn how to ensure your adoption of PeopleSoft Fluid UI pages is successful


Organizations looking to adopt PeopleSoft Fluid UI pages may face specific challenges:

  • Oracle’s selective release of Fluid pages can cause mobility gaps in workflows
  • You can lose (or be forced to rebuild) any customizations made to Classic pages being replaced by Fluid pages
  • Specialized resources (CSS/Javascript) for Fluid deployment may be required
  • System-wide updates required (PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.54) before Fluid migration
  • No support for some browsers and operating platforms

These gaps are impossible for Fluid UI to bridge in its current form, so many organizations simply can’t migrate and take advantage of Fluid’s capabilities.

How we solve it

Because PeopleMobile/PeopleUX by GreyHeller can optimize 100% of PeopleSoft pages (Classic versions 8.8-9.2 and Fluid) you can overcome these challenges with:

  • Zero mobility gaps
  • No loss or rebuilding of your existing Classic customizations
  • No need for additional development resources
  • Responsive functionality across all form factors and over 400 different browsers and browser versions.


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