ERP Modernization Suite

Enhance the ROI of your
ERP Investment

ERP Implementation is a significant investment
in your business processes

Instead of ripping out your ERP system and starting over,
GreyHeller’s Innovation and Protection platform allows
you to quickly and easily innovate and secure it.

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Invest in new areas of Innovation instead of re-implementing functionality already deployed

Make your business agile with rapid time to results

Retain control over critical business functionality

Adapt to stay ahead of competitors and evolving cyber security threats

The GreyHeller Solution

Our solution transforms and extends ERP systems. This allows organizations to rapidly deploy new functionality and Evolve into a new ERP ecosystem to continually adapt to new needs and security threats.

System of Differentiation




The System of Differentiation is where organizations create business value. As market demands shift, businesses (and their applications) must remain agile. PeopleMobile and Application Security Platform were designed to provide agile configurations that can be optimized for your individual business needs.

System of Innovation



Low Barrier
to Entry

The System of Innovation is the modernization layer, evolving quickly and incorporating new technologies. PeopleMobile and Application Security Platform allows you to employ the latest UX and security technologies to your PeopleSoft environment – ensuring your application is kept modern without being dependent on application updates and/or upgrades.

System of record

Control Business


Must Be

Must have
High Availability

The System of Record is the core business application. The System of Record layer requires stability and must evolve slowly to ensure system-wide continuity. Allowing your core ERP to stay in-tact and your business uninterrupted, PeopleMobile and Application Security Platform allows you to innovate where you want, while keeping your core ERP grounded.


User Experience Modernization Platform

ERP Firewall

NextGen Security

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