ERP Firewall

Cyber criminals have learned that ERP systems contain as much sensitive information as do banking and retail systems. Whether through inadvertent or malicious breaches, ERP systems have become honey pots that are breached daily.

ERP Firewall’s security rules engine adds an additional layer of security to a PeopleSoft customer’s existing security. Residing inside the PeopleSoft Web server, ERP Firewall applies rules such as when to require a Two-Factor Authentication challenge, mask sensitive data or block access to a VIP’s file. These rules help to protect PeopleSoft systems from cybercrime.

Key Features of ERP Firewall

ERP Firewall offers Two-Factor and Multifactor Authentication and field-level masking for both desktop and mobile environments. It enables you to control access to PeopleSoft based on location, user, content or any of the configurable rules. ERP Firewall also has maintenance window accessibility, and blocks, redirects or allows access based on the rules engine.

It has flexible logging, including:

ERP Firewall is a filter that sits within the PeopleSoft Web server and makes quick security decisions based on available information about user access. This application not only allows you to better control access, but it also gives users more flexibility within PeopleSoft. End users will have a stronger understanding of their access to PeopleSoft, all while the organization limits exposure to threats.

ERP Firewall’s highly configurable rules engine is defined within PeopleSoft application pages. The rules engine allows for rapid development based on familiar PeopleSoft terminology, such as:

  • Pages, components, iScripts
  • IP addresses and sessions
  • User or role
  • Data conditions
  • Mobile versus non-mobile access

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