PeopleMobile® and PeopleUX

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PeopleMobile® and PeopleUX turn your users – employees, managers, students, faculty – into fans of your PeopleSoft application. PeopleMobile® and PeopleUX provide a robust, secure, cost-effective and future-proof presence that everyone will love.

Quick Implementations

PeopleMobile® and PeopleUX implementations follow an agile development methodology process with weekly sprints centered around PeopleSoft use cases. The solution can go live anywhere from 30 to 90 days for most customers.

See for yourself how PeopleMobile® and PeopleUX have extended investments in PeopleSoft software

A regional supermarket grocery store chain with nearly 400 locations and over 80,000 employees in the U.S. and Mexico was behind on PeopleSoft maintenance, running PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 and PeopleTools 8.49. Its end users were not satisfied with the user experience, and the organization was close to abandoning PeopleSoft and doing a complete rip-and-replace project to a competing HCM platform altogether in favor of evaluating Workday. The chain embarked on a 45-day PeopleMobile® implementation on their existing HCM 8.9 environment to determine whether continuing investment in PeopleSoft would be worthwhile. After the successful go-live in their 8.9 environment, the chain organization elected to complete its HCM 9.2 upgrade.

A major multinational conglomerate needed to deploy its PeopleSoft HCM employee self-service functions in a seamless manner with its other corporate functions. PeopleMobile® was implemented using the conglomerate’s responsive portal, branding and themes. Its user interface and Web development team was able to utilize existing personnel and skills to move the project forward, resulting in a 45-day implementation. After the go-live, the company added a PeopleSoft CRM HR Helpdesk use cases in a 45-day implementation.

A national US energy laboratory had highly customized time and labor functions and wanted , which is needed to deploy these to its employees base in a mobile/responsive manner. After a 60-day PeopleMobile® implementation, the laboratory was able to utilize PeopleMobile® to deploy their highly customized custom pages without making any changes to the underlying PeopleSoft pages.

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