Seamless, Secure, Access to PeopleSoft
Single Signon with SAML Identity Providers

Register the SAML/ADFS/Shibboleth Identity Providers

  • Facilitates the Authentication process
    • Eliminates login action if already authenticated with SAML
    • Facilitates login action if not
    • Facilitates Integration Broker Authentication
    • Allows manual logins
  • Works with PeopleSoft’s account provisioning
  • Rules to map token to PeopleSoft ID
  • Control access based on:
    • Authentication Location trust
    • Federated Identity Provider trust
    • Integrated logging

End-User Access

  • How Content can be accessed
    • Via Deep links (email, external portals, social media)
    • Embedded into other frameworks (mobile apps, portal frameworks,
    • Cloud / Remote access
  • Allows Flexibility

Ease of Configuration

  • Browser-based
    • Easy to administer
  • Powerful Rules means no code
    • Rules by Identity Provider in Federated Scheme
    • Rules by location accessing PeopleSoft
    • User accounts do not need to be converted to fit a single model

Additional Controls

  • Control by Identity Provider Claims or Assertions
    • What content is available (masking, blocking)
    • When to enforce 2FA rules
    • Logging
    • Session Expiration
  • Facilitates PeopleSoft account provisioning
  • Setting Language Code and other Locale settings upon session establishment
  • Whether Single Signon is available and/or which Identity Provider to utilize

Authentication Security:

Challenge: Without a single signon solution, organizations are at risk with password controls, auditing access, and responsiveness to granting or revoking access.

Solution: PeopleSoft Single Sign-On allows organizations to utilize the leading identity providers to control the authentication process centrally

PeopleSoft-Integrated Single Sign-On

Challenge: Deploying an internally developed or non-integrated 3rd party single sign-on solution requires customization of the PeopleSoft application, and can be fragile and difficult to troubleshoot

Solution: PeopleSoft Single Sign-On is a lightweight plug-in that does not require customization of PeopleSoft and includes features like failover, troubleshooting tools & logs, and federation to ensure resiliency

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