Seamless, Secure, Access to PeopleSoft Single Signon with SAML Identity Providers


Passwords for PeopleSoft applications are both your biggest time waster, due to constant reset requests, and your organization’s biggest security liability, given that “81% of data breaches originate from lost, stolen or weak passwords.”Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report. Organizations leveraging multiple PeopleSoft applications are challenged with:

  • Providing a common and consistent authentication/identity strategy
  • Leveraging an Identity Management solution to centralize authentication management and control

Not leveraging a single signon solution across PeopleSoft applications creates challenges like:

  • Weak passwords – users create multiple simple, easy to remember, but easy to crack passwords
  • Costly and risky delays in account termination and database provisioning across systems
  • Significant helpdesk support costs

How we resolve it

PeopleSoft Single SignOn by GreyHeller utilizes SAML/Shibboleth/ADFS to make authenticating into various PeopleSoft applications seamless:

  • It understands the different ways users need to access PeopleSoft – including how to handle initial authentication, logout, session expiration, and account provisioning
  • It supports IDP federation
  • It reduces the support cost and effort of the Identity Management team by providing visibility into the entire authentication process.

As the only native SSO solution for PeopleSoft, there has never been a more streamlined and secure way of managing how your users authenticate into their PeopleSoft applications.


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