Thwart Phishing/Spear Phishing Attacks
Prevent compromised ERP login credentials from putting your data at risk


Cyber criminals are continuously attempting to breach your ERP by using sophisticated emails designed to intercept your user’s login credentials.

Why should you be worried?
Because these tactics are working!

91% hacking attacks begin with spear phishing emails

30% spear phishing emails are opened

12% phishing links or attachments are opened by your users

Impact to your organization

  • A compromised self-service account discloses private information and can result in lost personal revenue (ex. compromised direct deposit)</
  • A compromised high privilege account can cause privilege escalation and significant enterprise data loss

How we solve it

Application Security Platform is contextually aware so it applies security controls in an intelligent manner based on user privilege, location, etc.

Application Security Platform:

  • Provides visibility into activity – allowing organizations to detect and react to attacks, tying activity to location and end-user.
  • Reduces productivity and support issues (due to over-use of multi-factor authentication or lack of system availability.)

Application Security Platform was designed with spear phishing in mind. Even with compromised login credentials, cyber criminals are not able to access sensitive data.

“Given the definite gaps in the ERP application, I don’t know how we could live without the capabilities of the ERP firewall; I don’t know how you would protect your data. It is just not optional in today’s environment.”
Matthew Scott, IT Manager, Penn State University


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