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Drawing from our deep PeopleSoft roots, we engineer lightweight yet powerful
software solutions that address gaps in PeopleSoft’s mobile and security capabilities.
Our mission is to help PeopleSoft customers extend and amplify their
investment in PeopleSoft.


Transform your enterprise
application experience without
rip and replace


Create a uniform User
Experience across classic, fluid
and hybrid cloud applications


Secure your enterprise data
with next-generation ERP

The world’s largest organizations use GreyHeller
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More than 4M enterprise users
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Our mission is to help organizations maximize
their ERP investment

Upcoming Webinars

We share our knowledge, expertise and best practices through our webinar events

Demonstration: Optimize and Enable PeopleSoft Fluid UI with PeopleUX by GreyHeller
Jan 23, 2018 | 1:00 PM CST
Demonstration: Optimize and Enable PeopleSoft Fluid UI with PeopleUX by GreyHeller

This session will discuss how GreyHeller’s Fluid Enablement Platform – PeopleUX – can help you quickly and easily overcome these challenges and adopt Fluid to modernize your UX across all desktop, mobile devices and operating platforms. In this session, you will learn how PeopleUX can:

Handle your existing customizations - ensuring you do not lose or are forced to rebuild page customizations
Handle pages that aren’t yet available in Fluid UI - PeopleUX can simulate a UX to provide a seamless experience
Maximize the use of the resources and skills you have (you dont need to source CSS/Javascript resources)
Minimize the impact of customizations to selective adoption pages
PeopleSoft and GDPR: The Challenges You May Not See Coming
Jan 31, 2018 | 1:00 PM CST
PeopleSoft and GDPR - The Challenges You May Not See Coming

The PII residing in your PeopleSoft applications poses specific threats to your GDPR compliance efforts. With this is mind, there are critical facts that organizations utilizing PeopleSoft must know while GDPR's enforcement deadline approaches:

Join us, as we discuss these challenges and address how GreyHeller's Application Security Platform can fill these gaps that can prove to be the difference between GDPR compliance and potentially millions in fines.