GreyHeller + Duo Security Webinar

This co-sponsored webinar demonstrates how GreyHeller and Duo Security have partnered to bring rigorous two-factor authentication to PeopleSoft systems. This demo-intensive session shows how to implement and manage an effective 2FA system for all PeopleSoft systems, including HCM and Campus Solutions.

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Secure PeopleSoft – Human Resources – Webinar

Secure PeopleSoft – Human Resources 1-14-15 from GreyHeller on Vimeo. PeopleSoft HCM customers are being targeted by cyber criminals who have learned that employee self-service systems contain as much sensitive information as do banks and retailers. Learn how GreyHeller can help protect your HR sensitive data.

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The Sony breach – and virally every other recent high profile breach – has finally driven home what GreyHeller has been saying for some time – that the insider threat vector is as dangerous as the perimeter threat vector.

This survey of Federal IT managers in both civilian and defense sectors supports our view:

Survey Cybersecurity priorities-shift insider threats

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Cybersecurity Tipping Point? Absolutely.

We’ve been talking about this tipping point for some time now.

Supporting our view…

The Cybersecurity Tipping Point – from TechCrunch

  1. Assume you are always under attack
  2. Security must be dynamic and software-defined
  3. Information sharing is critical to security
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GreyHeller January Security Webinar Series

GreyHeller today announced an Insider Threat Security Webinar Series focused on helping organizations protect their ERP sensitive data from malicious and inadvertent insider threats. The Insider Threat Series will use recent, high profile breaches at Sony and higher education institutions as examples of what could have been done to prevent insider threat attacks.

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January 2015 Security Webinar

Join us for a Series of Informative and Timely Security Webinars hosted by Larry Grey, President, and Greg Wendt, Executive Director, Security Solutions & Services.

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The Upside to Breach Fatigue

Smart consumers – pounded by the relentless onslaught of breaches affecting them directly (my household had new credit cards issued because of the Target and Home Depot breaches) – will eventually demand transparency from their vendors on their security protocols.

If that happens, smart vendors will ‘sell” their security profile as a benefit to their customers. ‘Do business with us. We’ll keep you safe.’

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Breach fatigue

I heard a term yesterday that frightened me – Breach Fatigue (being in the Security business can make one paranoid).

As a leader in Security technology solutions for ERP, we’ve talked to thousands of organizations about their Security protocols. Many get it and are fully committed to implementing technology and best practices to protect from internal and external breach.

I said ‘many’….unfortunately, I can’t say ‘most.’

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