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PS_TOKEN: A Final Note

As a final note, we wanted to be clear that PeopleSoft (and PeopleTools) is as secure – or more secure – than any other ERP platform. The approach of cracking encryption keys is a threat vector that can be exploited for any secure web application accessible from the public internet.


PS_Token Update and Department of Homeland Security July 1 Report

As a follow-up to our June 3rd post PS_TOKEN vulnerability and prevention, I wanted to share recent activity about which you might be interested. On June 29, 2015, Security Week wrote the following article that not only discussed the PS_Token issue, but also analyzed which organizations were at risk.
• 249 commercial enterprises
• 246 Universities
• 64 government and military organizations

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PeopleSoft and the Future of ERP

Join GreyHeller’s founders for a two-part webinar series discussing ERP trends and how they affect PeopleSoft customers. Part I will discuss Gartner’s recently published Strategic Road Map for Postmodern ERP. Part II will be demo-intensive, showing how GreyHeller customers are addressing opportunities and challenges facing PeopleSoft users today.


GreyHeller Annual ERP Upgrade Survey Results

In order to help ERP customers understand what their peers are doing, GreyHeller surveyed over 12,000 ERP customers – across all major platforms – about their degree of customization as well as their plans to upgrade. Check out some of our findings!