Webinar Recording: Modo Labs + GreyHeller– Mobilizing and Modernizing PeopleSoft HCM and Financials

Learn how leading commercial entities are using PeopleMobile® to breathe new life into their current PeopleSoft application by providing a modern, easy to use experience to their employees and managers. View this demo-intensive webinar featuring the powerful partnership between Modo Labs + GreyHeller. This webinar shows how you can deploy any PeopleSoft page in a modern-responsive manner that will plug-and-play into native applications and portals with minimal effort. and much more.

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Webinar Recording– Protecting PeopleSoft for High Privilege Access

According to a Kroll Advisory report, 70% of all cyber cases involving theft were perpetrated by company insiders. How do you ensure that your high privilege users can perform the tasks needed while mitigating security risks – without compromising productivity?

This demo-intensive session describes techniques for reducing or eliminating data leakage, controlling administrative access based on differentiated levels of trust, controlling access to information for high profile employees, and analyzing administrative use.

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Webinar Recording: Protecting PeopleSoft for Self Service

Your employees are demanding better access to their pay, benefits, time and labor. Oracle is delivering Fluid UI self service transactions to extend the usability on mobile devices. How do you provide access while mitigating security risks — without compromising usability?

This demo-intensive session describes techniques for providing and controlling access to PeopleSoft from untrusted locations, techniques for mitigating the impacts of phishing attacks and compromised credentials; and for analyzing system access.

For more information, email info@greyheller.com.

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GreyHeller Annual ERP Upgrade Survey Results

In order to help ERP customers understand what their peers are doing, GreyHeller surveyed over 12,000 ERP customers – across all major platforms – about their degree of customization as well as their plans to upgrade. Check out some of our findings!

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GreyHeller Security & Mobile Webinar Series

Join us for our Spring 2015 Security & Mobile Webinar Series. Learn how to protect PeopleSoft for Self Service and High Privilege Access. Also join GreyHeller + Modo Labs for special sessions focusing on mobilizing and modernizing HCM and Financials and Mobilizing Higher Education.

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The Big Disconnect

Is is ignorance? The ostrich strategy? Breach fatigue? Whatever, the data are mind-boggling. In a recent Raytheon-Ponemon survey of 1006 CIO, CISO’s and senior IT leaders, 78 percent said that their boards of directors hadn’t received a briefing on their companies’ cybersecurity strategy in the previous 12 months and 66 percent think that leadership doesn’t see cybersecurity as a strategic priority.

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