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layered approach to protecting peoplesoft access

Why you should take a layered approach to securing PeopleSoft access

A layered approach is critical to protect your PeopleSoft system against multiple threat vectors. Deploying a series of security barriers requires the bad guys to defeat all of them to breach the PeopleSoft system. A layered approached significantly reduces an organization’s daily risk, and their possible breach costs. Read More.

Customer Webinar Headr Webinar

Customer Focus: UNC Chapel Hill and Verizon Webinar Series

Join GreyHeller for its Fall Customer Focus Webinar Series to learn more about our customers’ Security and Mobile projects. Learn more about how UNC Chapel Hill Thwarts Cybercrime with ERP Firewall and Verizon Makes PeopleSoft HCM Responsive with PeopleMobile®. Register Now

True Responsiveness

What is True Responsiveness?

Your employees and constituents expect to be able to do everything on their mobile device that they would on their desktop without compromising functionality: finding a contact, applying for a job, reviewing their pay stub, enrolling in a class, enrolling in benefits, or make a payment.

Read on to see examples of true responsiveness in action.