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Data Breaches


Data security is a serious matter. Every day, millions of attempts are made to compromise network security. Hackers try to gain unauthorized access to networks across the nation, hoping to acquire personal data to use for financial gain or other such motives. Spam e-mails number in the tens of millions, and that’s simply for a single network. These numbers are magnified tremendously when the data includes multiple networks and users.

Colleges and universities across the nation are highly susceptible to these attacks. They are ideal victims since these institutions have access to all of the students’ personal data, including social security numbers, dates of birth and credit card numbers. It costs thousands of dollars to protect against these attacks, and even more money to clean up the mess after data has been compromised.

There are many ways that breaches can occur. Network intrusions are one of the main occurrences of compromised data. Malware and phishing also take place on a regular basis. No matter how the breach occurs, it still comes down to the fact that information has been compromised and is readily available for exploitation.

There are solutions to this widespread problem, however. Application security products are available to protect information. Products such as Oracle applications give administrators more control over how security is applied and it provides such services as location-specific security for content and activities. There are also security applications available for mobile devices. PeopleSoft mobile applications allow for safe and secure transactions while on the go. For more about data breaches, refer to our infographic.

Data Breaches

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