Heartbleed, Ticketbleed… When Network Infrastructure Security Lets us Down

When securing enterprise systems every PeopleSoft customer knows they need strong passwords and secure networks. A good firewall is a critical first line of defense. But is your firewall as secure as you think? Ticketbleed, the latest network infrastructure vulnerability, was all over the news today. A quick internet search will turn up several valuable responses, but just for context, Ticketbleed, reminiscent of Heartbleed, is a vulnerability in the SSL/TLS layer of a wide variety of F5 firewalls and load balancers. Today’s news reminds us that even the best network and security infrastructure is vulnerable to compromise. Ticketbleed, Heartbleed, and other vulnerabilities make it very clear: network security infrastructure is not enough.

GreyHeller + Duo Security

This co-sponsored webinar demonstrates how GreyHeller and Duo Security have partnered to bring rigorous two-factor authentication to PeopleSoft systems. This demo-intensive session shows how to implement and manage an effective 2FA system for all PeopleSoft systems, including HCM and Campus Solutions.