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Drive campus engagement with compelling mobile messages

Present day students prefer lean, mobile methods of communication and are becoming less engaged with email – especially their campus email. Unfortunately, campus administrators still rely on email and physical mail to drive their most critical engagement strategies. These communications reference time-sensitive tasks that are necessary for degree completion and could be the difference between a student graduating with their peers and watching their peers graduate.

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Messaging Center plugs directly into your PeopleSoft web server and allows you to send intelligent messages that are designed for maximum engagement:

  • Provide specific account details in messages, along with customized calls-to-action
  • Use preset distribution lists and templates for effective message segmentation
  • Send notifications directly to a student’s mobile device via push notification and SMS
  • Leverage a dedicated queue for messages that is separate from a student’s email inbox
  • Measure communication effectiveness using engagement metrics. See if a student viewed your message and took action, so you can determine if additional follow-up is needed

Messaging with Push Notifications

Improve Student Outcomes

Early Intervention with at-risk students

  • Hold Reminders
  • Academic Calendar Reminders
  • Drop Count Notification
  • Hold and To Do List Reminders
  • Mid Term Grade Warning

Notification of key events

  • Wait list Clearing
  • Grade Posting
  • Deadlines – Enrollment, Graduation, etc.
  • Account past due

FERPA compliance

Messaging Center maintains FERPA compliance for institutions. The notifications sent to students on their mobile device only display previews that are aimed at prompting attentiveness. Once the notification is accessed, the student is guided into the Messaging Center interface where the contextual details are provided.


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