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“Given the definite gaps in the ERP application, I don’t know how we could live without the capabilities of the ERP firewall; I don’t know how you would protect your data. It is just not optional in today’s environment.”

Matthew Scott, IT ManagerPenn State University

“From start to finish, everything about the GreyHeller product and their team has been fantastic. It’s great working with a company that’s invested in our success with the product. We would highly recommend GreyHeller to other universities: Their product is outstanding, the support services are incredible, and we think its the best option available for customers using PeopleSoft right now.”

Tim Weston, Senior Applications Systems Analyst/ProgrammerUniversity of Central Florida

“The GreyHeller products have benefited JMU primarily by allowing us to deploy all of the functionalities that we have in a desktop in mobile. Student reactions have been great, and they have been able to very quickly and effectively use the product. I would definitely recommend GreyHeller to other organizations: the technology is there, the expertise is there, and the support is there.”

Tariq Rabie, Application Development and SupportJames Madison University

“Security of data online has never been more jeopardized than it is now. The one company that I have found that is really taking proactive rather than reactive steps in addressing this is GreyHeller. I have recommended Greyheller to many organizations now; I think they are truly an ethical firm that has great products, great devotion and dedication to their clients, and are paying attention to what needs to be done in the future of protecting the security of our applications.”

Sharron Bouquin, Auxiliary Applications ManagerUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“We’ve been very impressed with their knowledge and understanding of PeopleSoft and PeopleTools. One of the great things about ERP Firewall is that you can build all these rules and do some very sophisticated things on top of PeopleSoft without customizing PeopleSoft.”

Ryan McDaniels, Assistant Director of Identity and Access ManagementUniversity of Colorado

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